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Apache Ry

  RX-10118   framed office photo  8" X 10"  (Southern Iron & Equip., 1972)  
           (photo yellowing with age)    $20.00     

California Zephyr

  RX-6789   uniform patch  2"  (new old stock)     $32.00
  RX-6553   window decal - water set 6 3/4" (Aqua-Cal)  (new old stock)    $22.00

Central of Georgia

      (no items currently in stock)

Chicago Great Western

  RX-11134   ruler  12"  (nice, a few blue ink stains)     $12.00

Delray Connecting RR

  RX-12308   75th Anniversary wine glass   5 3/4" T  near mint     $24.00
    (not many made / now very hard to find)  (1979) 
  RX-12309   75th Anniversary wine glass   5 3/4" T  near mint     $24.00

Michigan Central RR

  RXM-8665    Adlake kero lantern      nice condition / complete   $200.00 

Missouri Pacific

  RX-2570     perpetual calendar - Steam      fair used cond / all day/month cards present but rough
                      12 3/4" X 19"    (Sold)  

  RX-2975     perpetual calendar - Diesel    good used condition / all day/month cards present  $180.00
                       12 1/2" X 19"                      

Oakland Terminal Railroad

  RX-5510    seal embosser    (2) excellent used condition  (Sold)
       (note: marked Oakland Terminal RR items, other than their locomotives or paper, are 
         extremely scarce.  This is the only one we have ever seen)

Pennsylvania RR

      (no items currently in stock)

Santa Fe / AT&SF

      (no items currently in stock)

Union Pacific.

      (no items currently in stock)

Railroad linen

Burlington Route / CB&Q

  RL-11683   napkin - damask - center logo  19"X19"  (light used condition)  
  RL-10156  napkin - damask - center logo   from business car "General John A Hulen"
        20" X 20"  (good used condition)     $15.00    
  RL-10283  napkin - damask - center logo    from business car "General John A Hulen"  
         20" X 20"  (good used condition)     $15.00    

California Zephyr / CZ

  RL-11639  dish towel  28" X 16"  (light used condition)     (Sold)

Gulf Mobile & Ohio / GM&O

  RL-9245  antimacassar (head rest cover)  16" X 18"  (light used condition)     $30.00

Illinois Central / IC

  RL-4852  napkin - damask - coral    18" X 19"  (some stains)     $15.00
  RL-12068  antimacassar (head rest cover)  15" X 16"  (many small stains)     $12.00


  RL-11526  dish towel  15 1/2" X 22"  (moderate used condition)     $12.00
  RL-12218  dish towel  15 1/2" X 22"  (fair condition - stains)     $10.00
  RL-11326  dish towel  15 1/2" X 22"  (fair condition - repairs)     $10.00

Union Pacific.

  RL-5004   42" X 42" table cloth w/ 4 matching 17" X 19" napkins
     (all very good used condition)     (all 5 items for)  $60.00 

  RL-11639  dish towel  28" X 16"  (light used condition)     $18.00

  RL-12597   antimacassar (head rest cover)   >Streamliner<   14" X 20"  
      (very light used condition)     $27.00      
  RL-12676   antimacassar (head rest cover)   >Streamliner<   14" X 20"  
      (light used condition)     $25.00      

employee time tables

   (for railroad issued employee time tables, please see: employee time tables page)

railroad carman's inspection gauges (gages)

  RX-11521     D, E Coupler contour wear gage   (Pratt & Whitney, 1952)   $40.00
  RX-11791    Flange wear limit gage  (Pratt & Whitney, 1951)  $40.00   
  RX-12146     "Old Style" Wheel Defect / Worn Coupler / Journal Collar / Journal Fillet gage  
    (marked or SCL)   (Pratt & Whitney, 1942)   $50.00  
  RX-12247     "Old Style" Wheel Defect / Worn Coupler / Journal Collar / Journal Fillet gage  
                     (Pratt & Whitney, 1942)   $50.00  
  RX-11574     steel wheel gage   (Pratt & Whitney, 1952)   $70.00
  RX-12283     steel wheel gage   (Precision Gage & Tool, 1991)   $60.00
  RX-11857     steel wheel gage   (Precision Gage & Tool, 1991)   $70.00
  RX-12359     wheel diameter gage   (Winchester Ind.)   $70.00

Airline items

American Airlines

  ASA-12207   fork  6"   (2)  light used condition  (IS)  $50.00

  AGA-9981   glass  2 3/4"  (2)  light used condition    $42.00  (Hold)
       "Mercury Service"  DC7 era    

Canadian Pacific Airlines

  ASC-6615   salad fork  6 5/8"  (2-)  moderate used condition  (Oneida)   $20.00  

Capital Airlines

  ASC-6738   tea spoon  5 5/8"  (2)  light used condition  (IS)   $26.00  

Frontier Airlines

  ASF-9825    wine glass  4 1/2"  (1)  mint condition   $16.00  
  ASF-12039   wine glass  4 1/2"  (1)  mint condition   $16.00

Pan Am / Pan American Airlines

  ASP-10838    tea spoon  5 3/4"   (2)  light used condition    $16.00  

SAS (Scandinavian Airlines)

  ASS-9926    glass  2 1/8"  (1-)  near mint condition    (Sold)  

United Airlines

  ASU-9887    wine glass  4 1/4"  (2+)  very light used condition  (Thomas)   $19.00  
  ASU-11027   wine glass  4 1/4"  (2+)  very light used condition  (Thomas)   $19.00

US Airlines

  ASC-2149   plate  7 1/2"  (2+) very light used condition  (Mayer)   $16.00

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Packing - We pack for success, not excuses.  We love old railroad china and relics as much as you do, so we would rather spend a bit more on packing materials (actually, we prefer to use clean recycled packing materials) than see a piece broken in transit.

Our success is collectors getting pieces they want, and only that.  Therefore, all sales are allowed a three day inspection period, within which time, unsatisfactory items may be returned for refund.

Sell / Trade - We are always buying (at wholesale prices) - from whole collections to single pieces. Or, perhaps you would like to suggest a trade?   If you think that you could suggest a trade, or other "deal," that would be mutually beneficial, we will be happy to hear you out.   Maybe you have a piece of train china that doesn't exactly fit with your collection, and we have a piece that does - maybe a deal could be found.   Please recall though, that this is a commercial enterprise, so we would find no advantage in a trade for pieces of equal value.

Sales Tax / Ca. only - Orders shipped to California addresses must pay applicable sales tax.

Wants lists - We have railroad china - you want railroad china, but unfortunately, these are not always the same items.  If you would care to send us your "want list", we will store it and notify you (e-mail or phone, your choice) if we get that item in stock.  There is no obligation on your part - this is only a notification service and interest survey.  Send to: Wants lists

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