The Railroad Commissary

Welcome to The Railroad Commissary's shipping scams to be avoided page. Please feel free to send questions or comments to:    Relevant information, and credits, will be posted.

We recommend that you always agree on the cost off shipping before finalizing a purchase.   While we agree that shipping has gotten pretty expensive in the last few years, we have seen shipping charges of over $20 for a single plate, on up to an entirely larcenous $45!   Not to pick on anyone in particular, but auctions and large "antique malls", both of whom sometimes pay third party packers (or at least claim to), can deal up the most frightful extra charges.   Be most cautious of those that purpose to charge your shipping separate from the purchase - that seems to be a warning sign.   While large auctions can be complex, any reputable dealer ought be able to give you a pretty good estimate of shipping before you give them your charge card.  It is to help our customers avoid this same "misunderstanding" that we have a fixed shipping charge ($10 - or less on small items) on all orders (unless stated otherwise up-front - and, of course, free shipping on orders over $500).