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Starucca Pattern    and    Starucca Reversed Color Pattern

Always check the backstamp on these patterns. They have been reproduced at least twice.  The first was reportedly for a restaurant. These bear a Mayer backstamp, which would never be authentic for this pattern.  The more recent version was made for a preservation club, these are backstamped "ELDCPS" and its date for easy recognition - so long as you check.  The later reproduced items include 9 3/4" and 8 3/8" plates, Coffee cups and demitasse cups, saucers for both, a 5 1/4" oval bowl, and a butter pat.  While such pieces might be nice to dine on, they have no collector's value.

More items have just recently popped up showing Niagara, Oneida and Buffalo backstamps. These are all very modern counterfeits. There is nothing on them to warn the unsuspecting - and of course, unscrupulous dealers aren't helping. Stick to the known vintage backstamps! (unless you want Erie-looking china to eat off of). Incidentally, one of the books lists Buffalo as a maker of Eire Starucca china.  We have never seen such an item.  Conversely, he doesn't list Sterling as a Starucca maker, but we have seen several authentic items.  I think that he may a mistakenly substituted Buffalo for Sterling.

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