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Robinson-Baker Pattern

Most so called "Soo Line Robinson-Baker" china is just old restaurant china falsely described as Soo Line railroad china.    It can be a frustrating pattern, as it was apparently mostly unmarked - all the books describe it so.    Fortunately, that is not entirely correct, Bauscher made Robinson-Baker china for the Soo Line that was marked!    The unfortunate part is that it is extremely rare - so rare indeed, that none of the leading books on railroad china took notice of it.    The fantastic news is, that we, as of the time of this writing, have a couple of pieces to offer the Soo Line china collector, that are unmistakably actual Soo Line china.     If you want Soo Line Robinson-Baker china that can be seen to be the "real McCoy", this is a rare opportunity to add them to your collection.    Few other collectors can boast of this pattern in marked china.