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Fredericksburg Pattern

There seem to be two slightly different variantions of this pattern - referred to by some as the "large Logo" or "small Logo" versions.  It is difficult to say whether these variations were intentional or not, as none of the pieces from any of the manufacturers are dated.  On one hand, the differences seem to be only different interpretations of the same pattern by different manufacturers - the large logo being the work of Shenango, and the smaller logo being shared by Warwick and possibly by Scammells.  On the other hand, anecdotal details seem to suggest that the larger logo pieces may be older than the smaller logo pieces, but more study is needed.  The larger logo measures about 13/16" high, while the smaller logo runs about 11/16" high - it doesn't sound like much difference but it is readily apparent to the eye. Some claim that pieces with the larger logo are more scarce - this may be so, but only to a small degree. Either way, all else being equal, the larger logo pieces display a bit better.