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The Peninsula & Northern Navigation Co. got started in 1923, with the steamer "United States" (built 1909), operating between Marquette, Mi. and Port Authur, On. Traffic was insufficient to support the route, so not long after they switched the ship to the Milwaukee to Grand Haven route, and later Milwaukee to Muskegon. They operated one or two other ships during their short years. Luck was not theirs, competition was strong, and the company merged into the Pere Marquette in 1926, and ceased to exist around 1927.

There was likely only one batch of marked dining china ever made - most likely in1923 at start-up. Surviving examples are exceedingly scarce.

While the P&N is shown in an appendix of Dining on Inland Seas, The author, Daniel Krummes, shows no dining china for the line. I see this as an indication of its scarcity. I will assign it a 5-star rating.