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Hummingbird Pattern

Beware of the latest internet hoax - L&N Hummingbird pattern china has NO Hummingbirds in its decorations!  Fraudulent sellers (who really do know better) are selling modern restaurant china that just so happens to be decorated with pictures of Hummingbirds as L&N RR china.  The real pieces of this extremely rare pattern HAD NO HUMMINGBIRD (it was named after a train by that name), but rather a gold L&N logo and a pinstripe (some say in gold, some say red - the pattern is so scarce that nobody has ever seen it for sure).  The items being sold by the fraudsters is date coded for the 1980's - long after the L&N had any passenger trains!  Don't fall victim to this hoax, and remember the perpetrators (so as to avoid their next trick).  It is sad that they need money bad enough to prey on this hobby to pay their rent.

Regent Pattern

There is a thin-ware (non-restaurant grade) version of this pattern.  The "exclusive use" status does NOT apply to the thinware version.  The thin version was NOT used by the L&N.  Of course, the thin-ware version is much more common.  Remember to check before you buy - especially good advice when buying on-line, where light weight china may be more difficult to discern.