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Violets & Daisies Pattern

This pattern is often cited as an "exclusive use" pattern, but that status is tenuous, or even doubtful.  For one, this exact pattern was produced in "thinware" - china made for household use, which is often seen for sale as Burlington Route china.  For two, I have seen Syracuse date codes on this pattern showing that they were produced after Amtrak had assumed all CB&Q passenger operations.  Even noted dining car china author, Doug McIntyre, refers to this pattern as "exclusive use" and "common open stock" in the same sentence.  My guess is that it had exclusive use status for some years of CB&Q usage, probably the early years, but had become open stock in the later years.  Most Syracuse china in this pattern is not backmarked.  As it is rather common, and of questionable railroad heritage, The Railroad Commissary does not stock such unmarked pieces.  Backstamped pieces are surely more expensive, but a better value in the long run, as their railroad heritage can easily be established beyond doubt.