The Railroad Commissary

Welcome to The Railroad Commissary's grading system page.  

Grading system:
     (1) = mint to near mint  for those that will only accept the finest
     (2) = similar to above, but with very moderate use wear  excellent pieces, a welcome addition to 
		   most any collection
     (3) = usually means substantial wear, but may indicate a moderate rear flaw  displays nicely, but 
		   falters with close inspection
     (4) = a substantial flaw exists, usually a very minor rim chip, hairline crack, or maybe some 
		   substantial front staining 
     (5) = one or more major flaws

pieces without any numerical grade are those that defy the grading system.  In those cases, you will have to rely
on the description and the photos.

We make no attempt to mention kiln stilt marks (usually three unglazed spots around the underside of most pieces) as
they are nearly ubiquitous - indeed, universal for the pieces that are so made.

This system is not meant to accurately descibe the piece, but a quick evaluation of the overall condition of a piece, so that unsuitable pieces can be scanned over quickly.  This grading effects price more than anything else.

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