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Calumet Pattern

Always check the backstamp of pedestal egg cups in this pattern.  Those bearing the Homer Laughlin backstamp are counterfeit.  Remember, almost any railroad china that bears the Homer Laughlin backstamp (except UP Winged Streamliner and some rare ancient Central of Georgia pieces) is counterfeit.

Indian Tree Pattern

Always check the backstamp on this pattern, as it has been reproduced without specific marking.  Any piece with the modern Syracuse backstamp (looks like a dining table scene) is a modern reproduction, and was never owned by Pullman, nor ever in a dining car, but is regularly seen for sale without disclosure (usually by sellers that know better but can't seem to curb their greed).

This pattern has also recently been reproduced. These reproductions are well marked with a large backstamp which ought preclude confusion with the originals (as long as it is seen - always remember to check!)

This pattern was also a common stock pattern. It was widely used as both institutional (restaurant) and household china, in both the US and the UK. Only Pullman marked china has any RR collector's value - unmarked pieces are not railroad china, and are dime-a-dozen.

We stock only authentic Pullman pieces, any counterfeit, reproduction or open stock pieces that we acquire by mistake (as part of larger collections) would only be listed in our "Bargain Basement"!

(Note: The use of the word "counterfeit" to describe this china is not meant to imply that it is "good" or "bad" - for our purposes, the intentions of the counterfeiters are irrelevant.  Authentic dining car china was made to be dining car china, counterfeit china was made to look like dining car china.  Well done or not, it is not authentic dining car china, and if it is not clearly marked as such, then it is counterfeit.)

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