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Sometime, apparently in the 1980's, somebody printed up hundreds of counterfeit B&O menus in dozens of styles - from very early to the modern. The easiest method to detect these forgeries is that they are all printed in a single color. Most all real RR menus are printed in full color, or at least multi-color. This means that MOST all B&O menus seen are counterfeits. Another "give" is that they are usually too new looking, especially the reprints of very early menus - but do note, someone could easily rub a counterfeit through dirt to simulate age and use. Even though there were dozens of different menus counterfeited, after a while you begin to see that the counterfeits are all the same ones that are often seen. Stick with authentic-looking multi-color menus and you should be OK. All those we sell are authentic.

(Note: The use of the word "counterfeit" to describe this china is not meant to imply that it is "good" or "bad" - for our purposes, the intentions of the counterfeiters are irrelevant.  Authentic dining car china was made to be dining car china, counterfeit china was made to look like dining car china.  Well done or not, it is not authentic dining car china, and if it is not clearly marked as a reproduction, then it is counterfeit.)

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