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"Red Logo Fantasy" Pattern<::><::><::><::><::><::><::><::>

These pieces are topmarked with a bright red classic Santa Fe logo - dead center on white pieces. Santa Fe never used anything even similar to this pattern. Indeed it workaday looks would be more suited for freight service than refined passenger service. These are not so much counterfeit pieces (because they copy no real pattern), but rather toys.  Alas, unscrupuous antique dealers often try to palm these off as "vintage" pieces. They often site the flowing blue decoration or glaze crazing as proof of their age, but it more closely reflects that such pieces are truly cheap imports. They must have been made by the shipping container full, as they exceed the level of common. They usually come as a set that includes the shown creamer, a mustard pot and a tiny plate. They truly have NO value, except as toys or to dupe the unknowing.

Cromwell pattern silverware

The B&O Museum had a batch of reproduction AT&SF Cromwell silverware produced (along with silverware from other RR's).  The telltale sign is a large number "1" or "2" stamped on the back of the handle. This warning applies to most all International Silver flatware - watch for the large stamped number.

(Note: The use of the word "counterfeit" to describe this china is not meant to imply that it is "good" or "bad" - for our purposes, the intentions of the counterfeiters are irrelevant.  Authentic dining car china was made to be dining car china, counterfeit china was made to look like dining car china.  Well done or not, it is not authentic dining car china, and if it is not clearly marked as a reproduction, then it is counterfeit.)

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